Review: Broken Souls Ballad #2

Writer: Massimo Rosi
Artist: Ludovica Ceregatti

“Each step towards darkness causes young people with special gifts to reveal themselves-along with their sufferings and evil desires. Their powers manifest, sometimes violently, and with insane brutality. In each case, their powers are connected to their psychosomatic issues. But now, those who created them-and view them as little more than lab rats-want them back, and will do whatever it takes to bring them “home.””

This issue further explores the characters, what they’re enduring with these manifestations of power, and their own mental hells. It’s a great issue, but also one I personally really struggled through – not because it was bad, but rather it started to trigger my own phobias.

Specifically, the art was too good haha. I’ve never had a comic issue trigger my trypophobia quite like this issue did. I almost couldn’t finish the issue because it was too much for me. Which makes me really wrestle with if I can get through the rest of the series mentally. So, if you also have trypophobia – this may not be a book for you. If you’re not bothered by that, you’ll love this series.

Let me reiterate: this story is excellent! I do love it. And that love is likely what will motivate me to get past my own phobia and continue reading.

Out today!


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