Clerks III – The Convenience Tour – St. Louis

Back in May, when I had a very Clerks weekend at Fan Expo, Kevin told me he’d bring The Convenience Tour to St. Louis and insisted I come to the show.

The Convenience Tour was announced for St. Louis, and of course, I not only got front row seats for Clerks III and the Kevin Q&A, but also a VIP pass.

It was one of the best nights of my life.

Not only was I already set to have a great night, but I also found out the night before that I was able to be on a list of folks that got to meet up with Kevin before the show. Everyone got hugs, we were recorded for Kevin’s Wake and Bake podcast, and he even gave us signed copies of his comic Maskerade. Plus, he signed my VIP lanyard while I was backstage.

Then, it was time to prepare for the movie.

I decided to wait to see Clerks III until the tour, so I could have a pure reaction to the movie for the first time during something special. And I’m so, so glad I did.

I don’t want to spoil the movie for fans that are also waiting for their tour date to watch, or have to wait for the dvd/bluray release. But let me say this:

I think this is my new favorite Kevin Smith movie. It’s definitely my favorite Clerks movie. And watching it with that audience? Perfection.

We applauded our old friends when they appeared on screen. We laughed endlessly throughout the movie. And when we cried, we cried together. Kevin hit the emotions of everyone in the crowd and I immediately wanted to watch it again.

After the show was not only a delightful and insightful Q&A (in which we all heard the entire story of the original plan for Clerks III as well as Kevin’s plans for his next five films), but we also got to see a wedding!

Once all was said and done, it was VIP time.

Kevin came down the line of VIP guests and signed whatever item we had waiting for him. Of course, I wanted to finish the poster I had from when I went to film for Comic Book Men – and this was enough to get Kevin stopped in his tracks and talking. It also gave him a moment to remember me – the girl that almost died the first time I met him.

The one immediately following this pic is just me laughing at how close he’d gotten.

After the signing, Kevin assured me we’d talk during the photo op time backstage. And sure enough, we did. I walked up to him and he immediately praised me for not passing out yet. We hugged, talked, took a LOT of photos, and he told me to wait to the side while he talked to my mom and took pics with her.

I felt bad that we held up everyone so much. But Kevin pulled me back in for more photos, and I have somewhere around 18 saved on my phone I think.

After photos were said and done, we each got a signed copy of the Clerks III screenplay, which I’m going to cherish forever.

I’m forever grateful to this man, the inspiration he gives to not only myself, but so many others, and the kindness and love he had for his fans.

Until we meet again, Kevin.



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